Wednesday, August 27, 2008

For Sale

Whew! The anticipation is over... the house is officially "on the market." Sign went into the front yard on Tuesday. I like some of the pictures the realtor took, but I think I could do better. I'm going to take more pictures tonight and will try to upload them from Seth's laptop (which of course doesn't have the camera software).
It's just Mike and I this week. Brando is at the coast with a friend's family and Seth is with his dad. We'll have to find something fun to do in the evenings... besides washing windows, painting baseboards, etc. Now the true wait begins... trusting God's timing for the sale, praying for the potential buyers, keeping the house perfect every day, etc. With the house this clean I find myself wanting to drag out projects to work on... which would make large messes, so my goal for the week is to play the piano at least 30 minutes each day and read for at least 1 hour uninterrupted. Such luxury!


Sharon said...

Isn't it so awesome to know that even right now, God is preparing the family that will be purchasing your home!?! Somewhere, there is a tugging on someone's heart to start getting ready for a new adventure~which will lead them right to your doorstep!

And....I didn't know you played the piano! You've been holding out on us! : )

Molly said...

Yes, I remember that time. Selling was not as much fun as buying. But, God will work everything out as you step back and allow Him to. Your family is wise to trust Him throughout this process. I sure hope I can see you in October.

Mrs. Ranch said...

Hi Dawn!
I'm so excited to see your blog. It looks like God is doing big things in your lives right now! I'm so excited to see how this adventure unfolds for you guys.

AngieG said...

I am finally getting back to you! I am so excited for your promotion (and very proud of you as well). Your blog is fabulous. We'll pray for you house to sell quickly - one more thing to check off your list! I hope we can get together before you go!