Friday, May 28, 2010

Last Friday of May

I took today as a vacation day and will therefore have a 4-day weekend! I've only checked work email once so far.

Yesterday was our 9th anniversary and we celebrated with Pizza Hut with the boys. Brandon wished us a happy anniversary and I responded "Happy anniversary to you too." He had a puzzled look on his face so I said "Happy anniversary of becoming my son!" He rolled his 14-year old eyes and grinned.

We're going to take a drive this afternoon and just look at the countryside. Happy Friday everyone!!

Thursday, May 20, 2010

stream of consciousness

The last day of school is looming over me like a giant tower waitin to fall. I'm not looking forward to summer wtih the boys at home. Fortunately Brandon will have football camp starting in a couple of weeks... although I'm not sure I'm ready to be a high school football mom. My youngest in high school?? And it seems so strange to think about football when the summer hasn't even started yet.

I think of football in terms of cool drizzling Friday nights... back in 1983. Wearing Saxon scarlet and columbia blue (we couldn't just be fire-engine-red and light blue!). Everything had to be red and blue... and so much better if you wore a Saxon football jersey and had matching ribbons in your hair and matching laces in your Nikes. Rarely sitting in the bleachers, we had to circle the field all during the game... to see and be seen. Oh the memories... Even at the time I knew that I would have been content to sit on the bleachers and concentrate on the game, but as a girl that was not looked kindly upon. Girls weren't supposed to care about the details during the game... just whether we win or lose.

I am looking toward a rather bland day. It's 8:10am and I have already caught up on work email, read a few blogs, talked with a co-worker, and now I really don't have much to do. I guess I can look forward to lunch... I did brown bag it today.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Favorites - Music at Work

I should be able to carry this thread out for awhile.. but today my new favorite radio station is Broadway Love Songs on I think it's a new guilty pleasure but the guilt hasn't kicked in yet. LOL

Reception at my desk it to iffy to have a radio at my desk but we can use online music and headphones so when I need to tune out the office noise I use There are so many options of music to choose from, and in February they introduced a "love song" station. I avoided it... too sappy, right? But today I needed something peppy and fun so I tried the Broadway sub-channel. It's terrific!! I've heard Barbra, Ethel Merman, Harry Connick Jr., Judy Garland, and a host of others. Just had to share!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Changes of Life

I am not a small person. I'm overweight and I can say it. Technically I'm obese and apple shaped. That being said, I am rarely cold. When I was young and correctly proportioned (never was thin) I would get cold hands, feel the chill, etc. Goosebumps are a thing of my past.

At this point in my life I am hot. Not Paris Hilton "hot," but meaning very warm temperature. I have a fan at my desk at work and run it almost every day of the year. I have had the ceiling fans going at home for more than a month.... even all night long. Being in the midst of menopause doesn't help... hot flashes are horrible! I don't think you'll find any woman who enjoys them.
I admit that I am looking forward to ending "that time of the month" although mine is pretty easy & uneventful. I don't yearn for a return to the childbearing years.

My boys are almost grown. I like that they can go out after dark to take out the trash or take the dog for a walk, and I don't have to worry that someone will grab a sweet little boy from my yard. They are both on the edge of being men. Scary thought... but so true. I am not looking forward to either one moving out on his own, but I know that time will come sooner than later. I do enjoy the fact that they are old enough to watch some of my tv shows and don't have nightmares afterward. They understand the humor and dramatic license. They are both beginning to own their faith, figuring out how they will fit into God's plan.

Changes are not easy. Choosing whether to be upset or accepting of life change is such a cruicial part of growing up. In my mind I'm still not finished growing or changing. Seems like I read somewhere that when a person is finished growing is the day they die... or something like that. It makes sense to me.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday is canceled

I'll let the photo speak for itself.