Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Washed Away

It's been a long week... so here's an image that shows how I am feeling.
I have a fear of deep water. Boats are fine, ships are fine... it's just me in the water that is not good. I don't like it when I can't see the bottom, or when something in the water touches me... doesn't matter... it's irrational phobia. My imagination worked overtime as a kid.. and the older I get, it seems to grow! Oceans, lakes, etc. Swimming pools are mostly ok... Last summer when we were at Detroit Lake with my brother's family, I think I held my breath the entire time we were out on the biscuit behind the boat. Lifejackets are fine and I swim just fine... but something in the water might touch me. So... this picture is a good representation of how I am feeling about the big changes we are facing. I had this on my work computer as a wallpaper... trying to desensitize myself, which sort of worked.
However I am trying to remind myself today that God says "It's okay to go back in the water!" Oh look, now the sun is coming out... That's what I needed to see :)

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Changes and Plans

Wow... My world has been tipped a bit sideways with some news yesterday. I have a huge decision to make. It is a compliment to be asked to make this decision.. but will still be tough to decide.

1. Is it a crossroads decision, where God is specifically leading to a certain path?
2. Is it an opportunity where God doesn't give a specific answer, and will honor either path?
3. Is it something where God wants me to be willing to take a leap of faith, but then has something different in mind, not yet revealed until I am ready for the leap?

Whew... So much to think about. I have asked 3 people specifically to pray for me and Mike in making this decision. At this point my prayer is that I can focus on day-to-day needs of family and work, not lose sleep over the decision, and that I can know a clear direction from God.

Happy Tuesday.... I think....

Friday, May 16, 2008

Picture of the Day

Ok, it's not Buddy and we don't have a wooden deck, but he is home striking a similar pose. According to Mike the real Buddy is laying in the barkdust snoozing in the sun. It's supposed to be summer today.. and it's about 80 at 11:30am. Of course any native Pacific Northwesterner knows that nice weather this week/weekend will guarantee that Memorial weekend will be cloudy, cold and rainy! Enjoy the sun while you can!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Plans and Changes

I am feeling a bit proud of myself today because I chose not to get bent out of shape in a situation where I could have let myself get sent over the edge.

Yesterday was a day of drowning in paperwork and so many things to do that I didn't know where to start. Then the work day got away from me and I ended up taking about 3 hours worth of work home with me. Then after Bible study we didn't get home until 9:30... so logically I watched TV and skipped all the stuff I brought home.

So, today I get to work bright and early and it turns out to be the day that my computer is to be replaced. It should take about 2-1/2 hours... I'm up to almost 4 hours at this point, and it will be awhile yet. So... am I getting anything done? A little... but I am choosing not to stress about it. Whatever gets done today, gets done. Anything leftover will wait for tomorrow. I am sitting in a lovely training room next to a window filled with bright red rhodedendron blooms.


Thursday, May 8, 2008

Annoying Coworkers

Oh my... this is really funny. I don't watch "The Office" very often.. just when I'm flipping channels and happen across it. Fortunately the coworkers I sit closest to are away from the office on a regular basis... so I don't have to use my scissors very often. Happy viewing!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Brandon's team lost tonight. It was a make-up of their very first game more than a month ago. We beat this team 12-3 last week, but lost tonight 0-2. Brandon wasn't in much; only up to bat once. It was cold tonight, and windy at the field. My dream of a quiet evening at home tomorrow night won't happen... there is baseball practice at 5:30.

Seth was a little down in the dumps today. The girl he has a crush on went back to her old boyfriend. Our own teen angst. Fortunately all it takes for him to perk up is some quiet time and a movie. Right now it's "The Core" - and a testosterone fest in the living room. They are watching the movie and eating steak.. what a stereotype. I'm glad Seth likes disaster movies... nothing like a fictional disaster with inane people to cheer for! That reminds me.. I never saw the new "Posideon Adventure." I'll have to remember to rent it soon. I've seen the old one dozens of times. Few things better than 1970's Gene Hackman and Shelley Winters.

I think I'm done for the night. Buddy is ready for snuggling and I'm still cold from sitting on the bleachers. Good night!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Jumping into 2008

Wow... I didn't realize it had been so long since I blogged. Eleven months just sneaks by...

I think about blogging, sometimes even compose in my head, but obviously never make it to the computer to complete the task.

Here's the quick update:
  • Nothing major happened in the second half of 2007. The pets are still alive and thriving, Mike and the boys too.

  • As of February we have been planning a big family vacation for December.. in Hawaii... yep. We're going! Mike and the boys are thrilled. It is a stretch financially but we are ready.

  • As of March 27th, I have retained an attorney to finalize my adoption of Brandon. We have said we were going to do it for several years, but all of the sudden he is 12 and we just need to go it... so I'll officially be a mom again/still... whatever.

  • With the adoption, Brandon is legally changing his middle name to Michael. His initials will be BMW... which he really likes.

  • Speaking of Brandon, we have entered the Little League cult. Oh my.. some of these people are rabid! He's having fun and learning a lot. Most of the moms I talk to are shocked that this is his first time in organized ball. He is a Parrish Pirate. One month down, and another to go. Personally I really hope he doesn't make All Stars. I love baseball, but I can see that I will be completely burned out by June.

  • Hmm, what about Seth? He is navigating his freshman year of high school. He has some new friends, and seems to be doing okay. I am walking the mom-tightrope of trying to be involved, and yet backing off when appropriate.
  • Seth has gone rock-climbing at Smith Rock in central Oregon, with the youth pastor and some other boys. He will definitely go again. I'm really glad he's being challenged in his faith. He's the right age to start figuring out his own faith, not just skating along on parental faith.

  • Mike is still Mike and I am still me. In a couple of weeks it will have been 7 years of marriage & blended family.

Ok, I think that's enough catching up for today. My new goal is to blog at least once per week. Can I do it? Of course! Will I? Watch and see... Here are a couple of photos I enjoy often at work.