Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Changes and Plans

Wow... My world has been tipped a bit sideways with some news yesterday. I have a huge decision to make. It is a compliment to be asked to make this decision.. but will still be tough to decide.

1. Is it a crossroads decision, where God is specifically leading to a certain path?
2. Is it an opportunity where God doesn't give a specific answer, and will honor either path?
3. Is it something where God wants me to be willing to take a leap of faith, but then has something different in mind, not yet revealed until I am ready for the leap?

Whew... So much to think about. I have asked 3 people specifically to pray for me and Mike in making this decision. At this point my prayer is that I can focus on day-to-day needs of family and work, not lose sleep over the decision, and that I can know a clear direction from God.

Happy Tuesday.... I think....

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