Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Just a quick one

Countdown Status:
- 60 days until I start work in Bloomington
- 49 days until Christmas
- 38 days until we leave for Hawaii
- 22 days until Thanksgiving

Whew! Our fact-finding trip to Illinois was fruitful. It is a very stereo-typical Midwest college town. There is very little change in the landscape. Can't wait to see the seasons change there. Met some of Mike's extended family, that he hasn't seen for almost 25 years.

I have found myself mentally divorcing (?), detaching myself from Salem. I supposed its a coping mechanism for all the change. We'll definitely have a place for our belongings.

Please pray for the sale of our house. I find myself repeating to God, "Lord I believe, help my unbelief." I want to trust God's timing, but now that we have less than 8 weeks to be there, it's becoming apparent that only he can work a miracle to sell our house and have it be an appropriate amount of money that we need.

I'll be back soon!


Kate said...

Hi Dawn,
I've been reading your blog since you posted on mine a few weeks back. I was too young to remember my parents move from Bloomington to Salem (almost 20 years ago), but I'm sure if you ever need advice you could ask my dad.

I love Oregon, but I love Illinois too (most my extended family lives there). I hope you and your family love Illinois and I wish you the best of luck in selling your home.

Kate Austermiller
Shenzhen, China

mcmom said...

Thank you so much for posting on my blog. It sounds like you and your family are having a crazy time. I love those times because that is when we can really just let go and see the work of the Lord's hands in our lives. We will be praying for you guys during these times. God Bless you guys.