Thursday, July 3, 2008

July Heat

I am officially tired of hot weather. At least there is a breeze today and the California smoke has mostly gone away... but it's still hot. I wonder how I will deal with it in the Midwest... those hot, humid summers.

It has been a long two weeks of waiting to plan and planning to wait. We are officially moving forward - finally. The moving company has done their official survey, and the realtor has been contacted and our first remodeling and painting projects are 95% done. Next focus is the garage door, the family room floor, and exterior paint. Looking forward to making progress and getting the house listed. Praying it will sell for the amount we would like to get.

However, God has been arranging this for a long time (looking back more than 1 year... ) so we have to believe that He has a plan for how and when the house sale will take place, and who will buy it.

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