Thursday, June 12, 2008

Point A to Point B

I guess I didn't post this specifically before... I have accepted a job offer in Bloomington, Illinois, with my company. I work in the training dept. and they're consolidating all of the main training to the home offices. I'll have my same job, title, & co-workers... but we will get to be in the same time zone.

Mike is excited, except for the part about driving across the country in late December. The boys are unsure, but not negative.

The plan is to sell our house in the next 6 months and move between Christmas & New Years. We have SO much to do in a very short time. My hope is to have the house ready to list around the first week of July.

It's 2,100 miles, so mid-winter it will probably take at least 5 days of driving. The adventurous part of me is excited. I've never lived in the Midwest. It's close to several big cities. Another part of me is unsure... new church, new climate/weather, politics of a big corporate office, Mike's job, etc. I haven't had regrets or doubts about the decision so far. Feeling at peace and that it is the right decision for us.

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