Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sunny Saturday

A slow Saturday morning with a few things to do. It's Father's Day weekend so I will treat my hubby special, and call my dad tomorrow. Many things are different in the past year, but still many the same. I have joined Twitter and Pintrest... but still standing on the sidelines of both. Seth still lives at home. Brandon is in the last year of his countdown to be 18 and depart from us.Twelve years working for the same company for me; four years for Mike. Seth bought a car last fall, and Brandon also obtained his license.

Visited Phoenix, Arizona earlier this spring with my mom. Just a girls weekend with no special agenda except spending time together. It was wonderful. The only difficult time for me was the flying. The older I get the more worried I am about weird things... air travel, heights... But I have another trip planned for later this year. I need to get saving for Mike to have a ticket to visit his siblings. Wonder if I could surprise him with saving enough money? It's worth a try...

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