Monday, January 9, 2012


An earlier post about the forced gratitude, but this one is about the things I really am thankful for.

My husband. We've been together 11 years now and I think we know 95% of what there is to know about each other. (I had to leave the other 5% open since there is always something to learn :).  He really tries to understand me and tries so hard to make my life easier. We often have different timeframes of when household things should get done and differing opinions on parenting techniques. But none of those are deal-breakers. He believes in me and encourages me to find outside interests. We both love books and sitting on the porch reading, or laying in bed reading, or finding a new used bookstore... always high on our lists of things to do together. We don't often read the same books, but just the act of being together in a similar task is relaxing in itself. He's honest with me when I want honesty, and is willing to gloss over difficult subjects when it's called for. He is not perfect and we do have disagreements. I do the same complaining as others do. Love covers many annoyances.

My sons. One from my body, and one by choice. They are as unique as two snowflakes, and are at a stage where their maturing toward adulthood is more apparent. And yet even on days where one or both are difficult to like, I see seeds of promise in each of them as men. The oldest is mine by blood. In him I see reflections of many men in his family lines. He is quick to smile, usually slow to anger, not very competitive, likes to make life easier for mom (which always gains points!). He ambles through life without many goals. He's physically strong and generally a marshmallow. He freely gives hugs. My younger son is not of my flesh, and yet our personalities are so similar. He wants to control his own life without interference and be independent. When he turned 11 he really thought he had arrived and that he could now start being in charge of himself. (He was sorely mistaken.) He chafes against being underage for anything. He is fearless and will challenge any authority that he thinks is wrong. He is competitive about everything. He has a contradictory statement for anything... abrasive. And he loves little kids. He was a great mother's helper for his aunt and younger cousins a few years ago. As a high schooler he has babysat at adult parties and will play and play with little ones and believes he's having a great time. He hates that he has a second cousin who just turned 2 that we haven't met in person yet.. and can't wait to hang out with him. Right now he doesn't want children of his own, but I believe that he will be a good daddy someday... a LONG time from now!

To be continued at a later date...

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