Sunday, November 13, 2011


November is full of reminders to be thankful/grateful and it almost seems overdone to me. I'm blessed to have a family, a home, 2 working vehicles, good health, a good job , food in the cupboard and friends who care about me. So why does the canned Thanksgiving thankfulness irritate me this year?  I think it's kind of like Valentine's Day.

Don't get me wrong, I love hearts, romantic dinners with Mike and mushy greeting cards. But it's the idea that one particular day (or month of November) is the time to remember it all. This year "thankfulness" seems to be in my face on Facebook and other blogs. It's that moment of guilt that says "Oh, I should be doing that and publicly thankful for that too". My heels just want to dig in and say NO!

I am looking forward to Thanksgiving Day. It will be just the boys and me. Mike will be working a shift that is not conducive to having a big sit-down feast. I'm looking forward to making their favorite foods, the smell of roasting turkey and stuffing, and the to eating until WE are stuffed.

I am thankful for Mike, Seth and Brandon... because each brings something to my life that I could not get anywhere else. God knew that I needed each of them to make my life complete.  Thank you Father, for the gifts you have given me. And when I seem ungrateful, please give me that poke in my brain to remember what I have been given.

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