Saturday, September 11, 2010

A new post?

It's finally time for a new post. I've thought about what to write and planned a few sentences but so far it's not working out the way I like. So... starting from scratch...

It's a quiet Saturday afternoon. Brandon is with Addi for the afternoon and then babysitting in the evening. Seth helped me at work this afternoon and we got it all done in record time. Buster is snoozing in his crate - his choice of sleeping place. And I am sitting here eating marshmallows. Planning to bake a texas cake brownie in a few minutes... planning dinner (hamburgers on the grill)... cleaning the kitchen... the usual Saturday stuff.

Football season is in full swing. Brandon is doing great for his first season. He's number 22, third from the left in the picture below.

More soon, I promise!

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