Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Headaches & Stomachaches

Between Mike's 4-1/2 day migraine last week, Seth's cold and now Brandon's "I don't feel good" mantra, I feel like "Dr. Mom".

Brandon had a physical yesterday and is perfectly healthy, but he got the bacterial menigitis vaccine and I think that's driving his "I don't feel good", as in he's talking himself into not feeling well. The doctor said Brandon is primed for a big growth spurt "any minute". As of yesterday he was 5 ft. 3-1/4 inches. In Oregon he was later at growing than most of his friends, but here it seems he is right in the middle of the pack, height-wise.

Seth has lost several pounds in the past month. He has a pair of shorts that now just fall off after he fastens them. In addition to PE at school, he is walking on the treadmill for 45-60 minutes almost every day. I think partly it's so he can have some quiet, alone time with his cell phone, texting. I know he's not moving very fast on the treadmill, but he's moving and that's what counts!

The dogs keep doing their doggy things. Buster really likes the toy box for all the balls and stuffed animals. He carefully digs around for each item and spreads them around the house. "Magically" the next day, they are all back in the box and he repeats the game. At least it keeps him busy & away from pestering Buddy for a few minutes.

And yes I did change the format & background. I had to mess around with it for awhile to get rid of the old one completely, but I triumphed in the end and everything was saved.

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