Monday, January 12, 2009

Central Illinois

Well, 2 weeks into residency we are adjusting well. I survived the first week in my new office pretty well. I didn't get lost any of the times I went to the cafeteria or conference rooms. The girls in my department have been very welcoming and wonderfully helpful.

Mike is still job-hunting. Just getting a call back would be nice... keep praying!

The boys are doing great with Grammie and Grandpa. Brandon has been the one to call more often, just needing to know what we are doing, if we like it, how is Buddy liking the area, etc. It's his way of being reassured.

We are still unpacking, although I definitely see that we are making progress. Mike has rearranged the 2nd bedroom to make more room for getting to boxes. So far nothing is broken... all the depression glass, china, trinkets, etc. survived intact.

We are adjusting to Central Time on the TV schedule. It is very weird that 8pm shows are on at 7pm, and so on. All three local network channels have news at 10pm, and then Letterman & Leno come on at 10:35pm.

Groceries are pretty close to the same prices as Oregon. Gas is about $1.87. Houses look a little lower than Salem, but we aren't looking much... waiting for the Salem house to sell... #2 item to pray for.

We are supposed to get a cold snap today... then another one late Tuesday/early Wednesday. By Thursday, the high temp is forecast to be 5 above zero!! It is much drier than Oregon so in some ways it doesn't seem as cold. We'll keep staying warm by the gas fireplace!

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Glory Laine said...

Dawn, It was so nice to hear from you! I had no idea you were a blogger. It will be so great to keep up with your family.
Much love!