Sunday, June 3, 2007

Sunday afternoon

It's been a quiet afternoon. There are several things I know I should be doing but I keep putting them off... laundry (washing & folding), sorting mail, watering plants, getting ready for the week ahead. I read a bok this afternoon.. that's pretty much it.

I love sitting at the computer looking at my roses. They are blooming wonderfully. The breeze is causing them to wave around. The climber rose is Joseph's Coat. Therear re a couple dozen blooms in various stages of yellow, coral, pink and orange. The First Prize rose is coming right along. It always takes a little longer. The Loenfeld has grown taller this year, but no flowers yet.

Brandon is at the movies with Alec, and Seth is watching Star Trek: The Motion Picture. Buddy is much happier now that his fleas are mostly gone, and prednisone and antibiotic are working. He is snoozing on the couch... looking like an old dog who loves his nap. :) Ok, back to reality. I'm going to head to the washing machine and get something acoomplished today.

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